Monday, September 30, 2019

Mecool KI+ Streams

In my previous post, I show you how to view the channels already preset in TVheadend to local Kodi apps. Apparently, TVHeadend is a server app, therefore it can also stream to Kodi installation in other box - as long as the other box can reach to the TVHeadend box via TCP/IP - i.e in the same network. In this case the other box just need to point the IP address in TVHeadend HTSP client to the correct IP address. I.e. From the HTSP configuration page below, just replace with the external IP address of the box hosting TVHeadend.

Since I have a Google certified androidTV stick in my bedroom, I used androidtv native liveTV application to view the channels. AndroidTV native liveTV allow you to watch network based live TV. I have Haystack TV installed and have 9 channels on top of Google Play Movie trailer channel.

TVheadend client can be downloaded by clicking the icon below:

Youtube video below shows how to set it up. Credit to the youtuber - not mine.

After following the steps, we can have all mapped tv channels from TVheadend running in native androidtv live TV app.

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