Tuesday, November 1, 2011

[WTS] 7 inch Android tablet

Hi Ladies and Getlemen,

I am ordering 7 inch tablets with the following specs:

- 1.2 GHz CPU ~ as fast as a 7inch Gala*y T@b
- 3D GPU Mali 400 ~ can run 3D games like Asphalt 5/6, Samurai Vangeange etc. and of course your fav angry birds :D
- 512Mb RAM ~ same storage as a 7 inch Gala*y T@b.
- 8 Gb internal storage ~ ample space for your games and docs and movies etc.
- support for TF cards to increase storage.
- 5 Points Capacitive Touchscreen ~ its multitouch man!.. now you can play Fruit Ninja with 5 fingers - imagine yourself as Wolverine with extra blade :drool:
- Android 2.3.4 with Google Market ~ Android goodness... can view & edit all MS Office, view pdf, rss etc. You can get tons of free software here.
- Wifi b/g/n ~ browse internet at you favourite Mamak place.. or Starbuck if you can afford it.
- Battery life 5-6 hrs continous usage. ~ That's continously playing games or browsing.. you can leave it on standby for at least 12 hour.
- Music practically all formats : AAC/MP3/OGG etc
- Video practically all formats : MKV, AVI(DIVX/XVID), MPG, RMVB, WMV etc.
- OTG mode ~ you can connect your USB keyboard/mouse etc.
- 7 inch screen ~ No more movies on your tiny phone screen :hehe:
- Personal support from me. I own this tab and now ordering more for my friends ~ getting order for more units to save on shipping :P

Imagine it as good and powerful as a 7inch Gala*y T@b but without 3G or GPS. Sacrifying those 2 will save you around 600 bucks. The advertised price is RM600. so if anybody is interested, can drop me a message.

As mentioned in my Lowyat entry, the price gone down to RM500 for a limited time. Any takers?

@Lowyat Forum

More pics after the jump.
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