Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Minidlna on Linkstation LS-GL

Minidlna is one of the better dlna server for Linux. Since you are already here, I believe you are trying to dump twonky or ushare from your Bufallo Linkstation LS-GL. I got my Linkstation Pro off ebay and installed my own hard disk. Needless to say, I have installed twonky using the guide in the wiki, and apparently twonky keep asking for serial, which i then i realise that the software is too old for me to buy.

Enough with all mumbling, now lets go to the interesting part.

Since you are here, I assume that you already have your LSPro bootstrapped, i.e have ipkg installed and you are able to telnet into the box.

I got my minidlna source code here.
and yes, you need to compile it yourself since the one from ipkg repository will not work.

1. You'll need all the libraries to begin compiling. Use: ipkg install minidlna
This will install the non-working dlna together with its libraries.
2. ipkg remove minidlna
This will remove minidlna and leave all the needed libraries intact. Verify that libraries such as
libavcodec libavformat libavutil libflac libvorbis libogg libid3tag libexif are in /opt/include/
3. ipkg install gcc
ipkg install make
You'll need this to compile minidlna.

Compiling minidlna.
1. Download the source code and copy it into your LSpro, i.e into /mnt/disk1/tmp
2. Extract it using tar, i.e tar -xzvf minidlna_1.0.22_src.tar.gz
3. Modify and Makefile files to point all reference to /opt/include instead of /usr/include. You can use something like sed "s/usr\/include/opt\/include/" >
4. make
5. make install

then you are ready to run minidlna on your LSPro! Just make sure you googled how to create the startup command and place it into /etc/init.d/ and add it to your rcS so that it'll start automatically next time.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

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