Monday, October 7, 2019

Mecool KI+ Satellite reception

The DVB app on android OS in the KI+ allow user to do blind scan of satellite signals for TV broadcast. As we know our Astro dish is pointed to Measat 3 (91.5 E) satellite. A blind scan on this satellite unveils Astro channels signals and surprisingly, neighboring country channels!. Yes, it shows the name of the channels but not view them as Astro channels are scrambled. This entry will show how to do the same on TVHeadend. *Take note that this is for educational purpose only. I am not planning to watch the shows/channel but just to try out if the tuner is capable of delivering the channels. FYI, I am already Astro subscriber so I can see the channels legally on TV (via their decoder) & also via their Astro-Go app.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Mecool KI+ Streams

In my previous post, I show you how to view the channels already preset in TVheadend to local Kodi apps. Apparently, TVHeadend is a server app, therefore it can also stream to Kodi installation in other box - as long as the other box can reach to the TVHeadend box via TCP/IP - i.e in the same network. In this case the other box just need to point the IP address in TVHeadend HTSP client to the correct IP address. I.e. From the HTSP configuration page below, just replace with the external IP address of the box hosting TVHeadend.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Mecool KI+ TVH Streams to Kodi (internal)

Upon successfully configuring TVHeadend on my KI+ Coreelec box. The next step is to link the channels to Kodi. This is done by installing Coreelec pre-built Kodi Add-ons and link it up to the internal TVHeadend.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mecool KI+ Configuring TVHeadend

Now I have Coreelec running on my KI+ and I have the official Coreelec supported TVHeadend 4.2 server running. The next step is to configure TVHeadend to scan all available FTA channels.

TVHeadend GUI can be accessed via any web browser (IE, Edge, Firefox or Chrome) and using the IP address of the server at port 9981. E.g.

Upon entering the correct URL, TVheadend GUI will appear as so:

The language setting don't matter. Just hit cancel and start to configure TVHeadend

Mecool KI+ Installing TVH

So I had Coreelec running on my KI+. Next is to get the tuner to tune into Malaysia FTA TV stations. As Coreelec is basically linux running Kodi, it is able to run the famous TVheadend server to talk to the built-in DTV(Digital TV) tuners. Good thing with Coreelec's Kodi, it has the server available as Add-ons in Corelec Kodi Repository. This makes life so easy!.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Mecool KI+ Corelec

I have a Mecool KI Plus android box since so many years. It has been in a drawer collecting dust after I moved on to an official androidTV stick (CCC Airstick 4k) that I got from japan. The reason being the Mecool KI Plus I is unbearably slow even on its stock firmware (android). I had modded the box to run androidTV in the past but still too slow. Recently I came across Coreelec. It is basically a trimmed down linux (Debian based) just to run Kodi. Kodi is a powerful media player on its own and features can be added via a plethora of add-ons. Coreelec just revived my Mecool KI Plus to a powerful TV server.
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