Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mecool KI+ Installing TVH

So I had Coreelec running on my KI+. Next is to get the tuner to tune into Malaysia FTA TV stations. As Coreelec is basically linux running Kodi, it is able to run the famous TVheadend server to talk to the built-in DTV(Digital TV) tuners. Good thing with Coreelec's Kodi, it has the server available as Add-ons in Corelec Kodi Repository. This makes life so easy!.
Follow this guide to install the add-ons. It is the same step as installing other add-ons. FYI, Coreelec is now running Kodi Leia.

1. From Kodi main page, scroll down to highlight 'Add-ons' at the left panel.

2. You should see Coreleec Repository listed in the next list. Select it and press ok.

3. Select Services

4. Scroll down until you see TVHeadend server. Click on it and wait until it finish installing.

5. Make sure we install Coreelec supported add-ons, i.e. TVHeadend 4.2 and not other version.

6. Disable auto update- so that TVHeadend will stay the correct version.
Done installing TVHeadend!

To be continued..

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