Monday, October 7, 2019

Mecool KI+ Satellite reception

The DVB app on android OS in the KI+ allow user to do blind scan of satellite signals for TV broadcast. As we know our Astro dish is pointed to Measat 3 (91.5 E) satellite. A blind scan on this satellite unveils Astro channels signals and surprisingly, neighboring country channels!. Yes, it shows the name of the channels but not view them as Astro channels are scrambled. This entry will show how to do the same on TVHeadend. *Take note that this is for educational purpose only. I am not planning to watch the shows/channel but just to try out if the tuner is capable of delivering the channels. FYI, I am already Astro subscriber so I can see the channels legally on TV (via their decoder) & also via their Astro-Go app.

To get the channels scanned into TVHeadend is pretty simple. Assuming you have already read my post on setting up Malaysia FTA DVB-T2 channels, the steps are similar. Define, new network by going to tab Configuration->DVB Inputs->Networks. Now enter appropriate datas as per screenshot below.

Nothing much to config here. You can actually fill in with anything you like. This is just to organise channels according to their respective providers. Don't forget to link these networks to correct tuner. Go to Configuration->DVB Inputs->TVadapters, enable the tuner and link the 2 networks.

The important data is in the next step in tab Configuration->DVB Inputs->Muxes. Add these 2 Muxes to the config and voila!.. All other muxes (for astro) will automatically appear. Note that there is only one mux for K-Vision carrying all 40 services. While Astro runs 437 services on 29 muxes. Below are the setup to add.

Remember to select correct Network when adding new mux..
 Note that Astro runs on DVB-S2
 While K-Vision is on DVB-S

Once saved, you should see newly tuned services under the tab Configuration->DVB Inputs->services. You need to map selected services to be view as channel..Take note that Astro services are encrypted (scrambled actually..) i.e ticked under 'encrypted' column (next to column filled with 'overide disabled'). Once mapped, you should be able to view the channels in your favourite client.

Once the services are populated, (and you have VLC installed), you can test-play the channel by clicking on the play button on the far left column.

Below is screenshot of Quran TV (K-Vision Indonesia) running in VLC.

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