Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amazing 3D Pen Art

Have your ever wondered if your sci-fi fantasies could turn into reality? Imagine being able to draw objects in the air. We all have tried air writing, but it never materialised! But now it is possible with the lix doodle pen. You can simply use it to write into thin air. Create objects and have fun. It basically uses plastic thread made through a pateneted process which melts and cools while moving through the pen. You can make objects as big as 11 foot with it! Just make sure you provide a base to the object. Because though you can write in the air now, you still can not make them hover in mid air!

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Living Paintings

You think you've seen it all and then something like this comes along. Alexa Meade has made a name for herself by turning real people into walking, talking works of art. Using acrylic paints, she paints on the skin of human subjects in a way that optically flattens them into two-dimensional paintings. Her work has been displayed at the Saatchi Gallery in London, the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery in DC, Postmasters Gallery in New York City, Galerie Ivo Kamm in Switzerland, and Ingo Seufert Gallery for Contemporary Photography in Germany. She's also been featured on CNN, NPR, and in WIRED, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Guardian. Scroll down to see some of her mind-blowing creations. And keep in mind that every one of these is an actual live person.

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This Artist Takes These Silly Doodles And Makes Them...Awesome

These are raised from the inane to the sublimely insane!
David Jablow is a multi-media artist. One of the more interesting things he's done are series based on mid-20th century "doodle pads:" notepads printed with suggestive pictures of women in provocative poses. These relics were intended for bawdy scrawlings, but Jablow takes them to a new level ENTIRELY...

He started with this image...

And imagined her fighting crime....

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