Wednesday, August 28, 2013

7 Most Terrifying Places Ever

If you're easily spooked out then this is not for you. If the very mention of 'scary' and haunting' sends chills down your spine then you may not have the stomach to make it to the end of this article. Here's a list of some of the scariest and most terrifying places to be.
1. Aokigahara Forest (Japan):
Aokigahara, a forest situated at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan, is the resting place of more than 500 people. These people were not victim of any calamity but orchestrated their own deaths through suicide by hanging themselves from the boughs of the Aokigahara greenery. The forest is known to be so thick that even at peak sunshine hours, the place is blanketed with darkness. A popular author Seicho Matsumoto
published a novel called Kuroi Kaiju where two of his characters commit suicide there which sparked the trend of self-inflicted deaths. The place is scattered with decomposed bodies and readily available nooses from previous suicides. There are even signboards displaying encouraging messaged such as, "Think of Your Family" and "Life is a precious thing! Please reconsider!"

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10 Lazy Ways to Stay Slim

Its never easy to slim down to that desirable size, people usually do it the
hard way but here are some tips and tricks for all you lazy coach potatoes who
don't wanna put too much effort into slimming down.
Indulge yourself:
Don't deprive yourself from your favorite foods no matter how anti
slimming they are, but enjoy them in healthy moderations and you are golden.
More important that the food you eat are the portions you eat them in.
Don't stuff, Satisfy:
You do not have to eat until every last bite is cleaned off of your plate. Your
stomach is made up of smooth muscle and when you overeat, it will stretch out
and your appetite will increase. You only want to eat until you're
satisfied, not until you are full. If you already have a large appetite, then
it's going to take a little bit more control at the beginning, but it is
imperative that you decrease your portion sizes.

More tips after the break!

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