Monday, December 20, 2010

Samsung NX100

It have been two years since my last post. How time flies. My Omnia is an antique right now. I'm eyeing on either Galaxy S or the Nexus S, but I like one with Tegra 2 dual core CPU tho. Both Galaxy S and Nexus S are on Hummingbird, which kinda tick me off. LG Optimus 2X will come with Tegra 2. But honestly, the brand LG has never been in my list. Enough about that, lets see about my new gadget.
It is the mirror-less Samsung NX100 14Mpx digital cam with APS-C sized sensor. Pricing is at around RM2k (as at Nov 2010) with 20-50mm lens at Lowyat Plaza. The camera is a compact sized with DSLR quality. The body is classically stylish. Just nice for my hands. It come with i-Function feature which have a button on the lense for easy access to some SLR settings i.e aperture, shutter speed etc. It also has Samsung typical picture modes settings, i.e portrait, landscape and a bunch more.
Shifting from a compact camera to this beast is a no brainer. Just put it on a smart-mode on the dial and it is ready to go. Unless you are more adventurous and like to play with manual modes, there are P (Program), A(Aperture priority), S(Shutter priority) and M(Manual) modes for you to choose from. The movie capture can go up to 720p HD. I don't use it for movie much as I own a camcorder. But taking picture with this cam really makes you want to take more photos. The pictures are always nice to view on it's 3" amoled display. There are also built-in effects for pictures stored in the SD. They are vignette, miniature, fish-eye, soft-focus and so-forth, which are really a value added to this camera.
I was actually looking for a micro-four third camera such as the Olympus E-PL1 or Sony NEX3. But somehow I was introduced to this model and was quickly impressed by the looks and features.
Below are some sample pictures from this cam unedited.

The cons of this camera is 1) it do not come with a flash - but for me it is ok, since I still manage to capture nice pictures at night. 2) There are currently only 2 i-Function feature lenses on the market - which is also not a problem to me as the 20-50mm lens works great.
Other than that, if you are looking for a camera that take DSLR quality photos, you'll got to consider Samsung NX100.
p/s. I don't work for samsung although few gadgets are from them :).
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