Monday, October 7, 2019

Mecool KI+ Satellite reception

The DVB app on android OS in the KI+ allow user to do blind scan of satellite signals for TV broadcast. As we know our Astro dish is pointed to Measat 3 (91.5 E) satellite. A blind scan on this satellite unveils Astro channels signals and surprisingly, neighboring country channels!. Yes, it shows the name of the channels but not view them as Astro channels are scrambled. This entry will show how to do the same on TVHeadend. *Take note that this is for educational purpose only. I am not planning to watch the shows/channel but just to try out if the tuner is capable of delivering the channels. FYI, I am already Astro subscriber so I can see the channels legally on TV (via their decoder) & also via their Astro-Go app.

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