Thursday, September 26, 2019

Mecool KI+ TVH Streams to Kodi (internal)

Upon successfully configuring TVHeadend on my KI+ Coreelec box. The next step is to link the channels to Kodi. This is done by installing Coreelec pre-built Kodi Add-ons and link it up to the internal TVHeadend.

This is quite  simple to do. Just installing another add-ons to kodi. Please refer to my previous guide on how to get to the add-ons library. The next step are:

1. After selecting install from repository, dive in to PVR add-ons.
2. Then scroll down to select TVHeadend HTSP Client.
3. Once the add-on is installed, click on it to bring these options. Select configure.
4. On the config, use as IP address. This is a loop back IP that points to the local machine. Leave all other settings as is.
5. Click ok and Kodi may prompt that a restart is needed. Just restart Kodi to take effect.
6. Once restarted, TV page shall appear (if it was not there before). Go on and click on channels or EPG. Something should show out.
7. You know how to go from here :) 
My setup..

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