Friday, December 16, 2011


Hi Guys,

I'd like to introduce you to a must-have software for you downloaders - no matter what files you fancy :D.

So, what is Jdownloader or what can it do for you. You might be familiar with one-click file sharing sites such as,, rapidshare, etc.. Some of you subscribed to the sites and some of you just make use of the 'slow' download offered by those sites. As you now if you opt the free access, you'll have to wait for several long seconds for the link to appear. And guess what - Jdownloader can do the waiting for you and download your files once it is available. Jdownloader can also decodes simple captcha (captha are the characters written in funny ways so that the site can verify that you are a human, duh.). Once the download are completed for a series of archived files, Jdownloader can extract (or merge) the files for you in the background and put them in your preffered directories. Well doesn't that simplify you work, pirates! :D

JDownloader is an opensource application - so in another word it's free. It works on Linux, Windows, Macs and any Java compatible OSes. It is really simple to install, but since they run on Java, it might take a while to start on normal machines. Starting to download is simple ~ you can just copy all the links and JDownloader will automatically grab them from your clipboard (well clipboard is where you data goes when you cut or copy things in your pc). It will then check if the links are still alive and if you click 'Continue with all' it will start right away.

Once you installed it, checkout for a try :D.

Cheers mate!.

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