Monday, December 19, 2011

iPhone 4S buyer’s guide

Two months after it was officially announced the iPhone 4S is finally here in Malaysia. If you’re not part of the first batch of iPhone 4S buyers that stood on line in the wee hours of the morning on December 16 then you’re probably biding your time to see if the iPhone 4S is the right device for you.
With the iPhone 4S available from three major operators at the same time, getting one has never been more complicating than it is now. With the selection of plans and options from different operators all offering different data, voice and monthly subscription packages, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with what’s available in the market.

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 So which operator offers the best iPhone 4S plan for you? Can you get the iPhone 4S without a contract? Is the iPhone 4S really that good? How good is the camera? What about Siri? Does it work in Malaysia? What are other smartphones in the market right now that’s just as good as the iPhone 4S?
Whatever questions you might have about the iPhone 4S, we probably have the answer tucked away in a post somewhere. So head on over to right after the jump to check out what is probably the best iPhone 4S Buyers Guide in Malaysia right now.

iPhone 4S Plans
All the iPhone 4S plans compared
Can I buy the iPhone 4S outright without contract? Answer
What is the cheapest no-contract plan for the iPhone 4S? Answer
About the iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S Performance Benchmarks
Are there iPhone 4S alternatives that are just as good? Answer
By the numbers: iPhone 4S specs compared
iPhone 4S keynote – 90 minutes in 90 seconds
iPhone 4S Teardown
iPhone 4S Drop Test
Drop Test: iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II
Everything about Siri
Siri review from a Malaysian perspective
Siri: Lost in Translation
Siri works well with an Indian accent
Will Siri support Bahasa Malaysia? Answer
How good is the camera on the iPhone 4S?
Ok, the iPhone 4S camera is seriously good
Cameras Compared: iPhone 4S vs Canon 5D MkII
Cameras Compared: iPhone 4S vs Sony Ericsson Xperia arc
Cameras Compared: iPhone 4S vs Nokia N9
Cameras Compared: iPhone 4S vs Meizu MX
Cameras Compared: iPhone 4S vs the rest
iPhone 4S – The funny stuff
Siri the virtual assistant versus an actual assistant
iPhone 4S: Will it Blend?
Banned iPhone 4S commercial
Stuff Siri Says
Siri Argument

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