Wednesday, August 28, 2013

10 Lazy Ways to Stay Slim

Its never easy to slim down to that desirable size, people usually do it the
hard way but here are some tips and tricks for all you lazy coach potatoes who
don't wanna put too much effort into slimming down.
Indulge yourself:
Don't deprive yourself from your favorite foods no matter how anti
slimming they are, but enjoy them in healthy moderations and you are golden.
More important that the food you eat are the portions you eat them in.
Don't stuff, Satisfy:
You do not have to eat until every last bite is cleaned off of your plate. Your
stomach is made up of smooth muscle and when you overeat, it will stretch out
and your appetite will increase. You only want to eat until you're
satisfied, not until you are full. If you already have a large appetite, then
it's going to take a little bit more control at the beginning, but it is
imperative that you decrease your portion sizes.

More tips after the break!

Know yourself:
If you can't limit pick-able foods (chips, nuts, grapes, candy, etc.),
then make sure you stick to single serving portions, such as handheld fruit,
individually-wrapped hummus, nut or nut butter packets. Moderate what you eat
and know how much you can take before it starts showing.
Salads and Soups:
These initial orders won't completely satisfy you, but they will fill you
up with low calories and leave less room for your main course, thus making sure
you don't become a glutton and overeat.
Don't finish, while dining out:
When eating out make it a point not to finish the whole meal. These servings
are made for 3 people instead of 2 (keeping in mind you are out on a date). So
leave a little left over so you make sure that you are stuffing yourself to
avoid wasting, you will be doing more damage than good if you polish it all
Hydrate yourself:
Hunger can often be confused for thirst. So if you're feeling peckish
late afternoon, ask yourself: how much water did I drink today? Dehydration can
prompt hunger pangs, headaches, congested skin, and even constipation. So try
to drink at least two litres of water per day. For an extra nutrition boost,
try drinking green tea (rich in antioxidants), liquorice tea (to beat sugar
cravings), or cinnamon tea (which regulates blood sugar levels).
Don't eat in front of the TV:
How you eat determines to a large extent how much you eat. If you watch TV
while eating lunch, you're likely to snack more later in the afternoon.
Appetite psychologists discovered this when they did an experiment with sixteen
female students. Distraction increases our food intake. If you listen to music
or watch TV while eating, you eat more. It seems that distraction delays the
process of reaching satiety in the brain.
Have a small snack before partying:
The party snack is also the snack most likely to substitute for a meal, making
variety and nutrition important. Rule of thumb is if you are in doubt, read the
label. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a party snack or snacking before a
party, just make sure you do it within reason. Try a handful of nuts or a piece
of fruit so that you don't show up ravenous and make poor decisions.
Be a part time Vegetarian:
Give your body a break from animal protein and mix things up. Go green once in
awhile and see the difference it will make on your body and physical appearance.The
key is getting the nutrients you need on your two no-meat days while also
satisfying your hunger and pleasing your taste buds.
Whole grain over white:
This way, you don't have to cut out carbs entirely. When put head-to-head
with whole wheat bread, white is a nutritional lightweight. Whole wheat is much
higher in fiber, vitamins B6 and E, magnesium, zinc, folic acid and chromium.
So all the good stuff!

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