Thursday, October 4, 2012

High Speed Train in China..

The World's longest high speed railway
Beijing - Shanghai (1318 Km) Train

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail Beijing departure station

More speed train after the jump.

June 30, the official carrier of the first riders of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail train
pulled out from the Beijing South Railway Station, bound for Shanghai .

Through the Beijing South Third Ring Road.

The crew to board the first Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail train.

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail crew staff are preparing food.

With the design speed of 350 km, the maximum speed of 300 km initial operation is completed.
Put into trial operation of trains is divided into
first-class car, second-class cars, dining cars, business cars and VIP tourist area.
To meet the special requirements of passengers,
there are dedicated disabled riding area, wheelchair accessible bathrooms and corridors.
The initial operation, plans to open daily operations EMU trains arranged 90 pairs,
the implementation speed of 300 km and 250 km running mixed mode.
Shortest time from Beijing to Shanghai for 4 hours and 48 minutes.
The full fare: second-class seat 555 yuan, 935 yuan first-class seat,
seat (including tourist seats, seat first-class package) 1750 yuan.

Currently, a team of 90 conductor, 313 crew consisting of
the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail passenger section of Shanghai crew team
has been gearing up to meet the community review.

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