Tuesday, January 10, 2012

[WTS] TP-Link WR702

Genuine TP-LINK TL-WR702N Mini WiFi Wireless Router for Instant WiFi Connection (63% Smaller Than TL-WR700N)

TL-WR702N is an improved version of TL-WR700N. It has all the basic features of TL-WR700N (except the integrated power supply) in a much smaller size (about 1/3 in volume). Furthermore, it offers more flexibility powering options.
It can be powered by:
1、The included power adapter.
2、PC USB Host port.
3、Most mobile phone charger which output 5V.

It can be very useful when you on the road and no AC socket is nearly. It can also be very useful for those countries which AC socket is not compatible with US Type A.

TL-WR702N is more than just a WiFi travel router. It can be a wireless repeater or a wireless bridge to extend the coverage of the existing WiFi network. It can be an access point (AP) for connecting WiFi enabled device to wired network. It can also be a wireless client interface for connecting device with Ethernet port only to WiFi network. 
It works with most devices with a compatible interface including PC, MAC, IPhone, IPad, Android Phones, … etc.

Unfortunately, only Simplified Chinese Version is available (at least for the time being). Both UI and manual are in Simplified Chinese.

However, you can still use TL-WR702N even if you cannot read Chinese if you have our TL-WR702N unofficial English Guide. The guide includes 2 tables explaining the main menu and many captured screens with English translations. All the translations are by hand of computer professional.

The Package Includes:
1 x TL-WR702N Mini Wireless Router (UI is in Simplified Chinese)
1 x Quick Installation Guide (in Simplified Chinese)
1 x Warranty Card (for mainland China)
1 x 5V Power Adapter (US Type A)
1 x USB Cable (for powering)

We are selling it for RM120  
Drop me a message at zikhsan at gmail dot com if you are interested. Tq

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